Thursday, April 30, 2009

The last few weeks...

In Pictures.

With warm weather comes busy, full days, here is a glimpse at what we have been up to...

***WARNING: Picture overload ahead***

Time as a family spent with family and good friends, how much more blessed could we be?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where has the time gone...

wasn't it just yesterday that she was this small?

And now all of a sudden she is 19 months old, running everywhere she goes, climbing on furniture, feeding herself and learning to talk. It seems like I blinked and she turned into this:

She is all over the place now! Here are some of the things she is up to these days:

Learning to talk! New words include:

Mama (I'll never get tired of hearing this, I've waited so long!!)
Eat (her favorite pastime)
Num Num (her word for food)
Na Na (banana)
voom voom (car)
mup (up)
bye bye
And I know there are more, I'm just so glad she is finally starting to talk!

She is still using her signs too- she knows please, thank you, milk, bye bye and all done.

She also is learning some animal sounds:

Quack Quack
Woof woof

She is working really hard to climb onto the furniture all by herself and has succeeded at least once!

We just got her a tricycle which is her new favorite things- pictures soon I promise!

Her favorite things:

shoes- she is such a girl
her blanket and her binky- can't go anywhere without them
her pretties- her hair things
books of any kind!

It's so amazing watching her grow and learn everyday. I am so grateful and extremely blessed to be her Mommy.