Saturday, November 29, 2008

Change of plans...

So we didn't end up going rock climbing after all. Eric had been having some trouble with his shoulder since playing softball last season and it is just beginning to feel better so he didn't want to risk reinjuring it so we changed our plans. Instead we headed off to the mall to see a movie. The choice of the evening????

It was very funny and Ethan had a blast sitting with Rachel and Skip through the movie. Adalyn was fussy at first but then she fell asleep and was conked out for the rest of the movie. After the movie was over it was off to dinner at Wasabi, a new Japanese grill they put in Providence. The kids were enthralled with the food being cooked in front of us and I didn't think Ethan was ever going to stop eating he enjoyed it so much! I forgot my camera but Rachel was kind enough to get some pictures so I'll post those as soon as she gets them to me.

Today Ethan spent the day with his Papa while Eric and I got some much needed Christmas shopping done. We have the kids all done- whohooooo!!! Only a few more things to get and we are done. I'm really excited about Christmas this year, Ethan really "gets" so it should be a lot of fun on Christmas morning!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving... a day late!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! How was your turkey day? We had a wonderful day. We went to Cathy's (Eric's Dad's wife for those that don't know) daughter's (Kristy) house for dinner and we had a good time. It was good to spend the day with Dad and to get to know Cathy's family a little bit better. Ethan had a blast playing with Preston (Cathy's son's girlfriend's son) and they ran around causing havoc as only 4 and 5 year old boys can!! Adalyn was terrified of the dogs at first but by the end of the night she was going up and giving them hugs- of course at this point they were sleeping so they were much less intimidating!! Then it was off to home and all of us went to bed early- the Joki clan was exhausted!!

Thanksgiving always makes me think of the things I'm most thankful for- which I guess is good because well... that is what the whole day is about right? So I thought I'd share with you all what I am thankful for. First and foremost I am thankful for knowing that I have a God that loves me enough that he would send his only son to die for ME. I am not worthy of this love but I am thankful for it none the less. Next would be that this same God felt fit to put Eric in my life and then to go on and bless both of us with the most wonderful children two people could ever ask for. I am so lucky to have the wonderful family that I do and wouldn't change it for the whole world. Both Eric and I have also been blessed with wonderful families that are always supportive and always there if we need them but don't tell us how to run our lives. We are so blessed to have these wonderful people to call family. And last but not least are the friends we have. We know that we are not good at always keeping in touch with those friends that are far, or for that matter near, but it doesn't mean that we don't think of them often and miss them dearly. Know that all of you are loved and we are grateful that you are in our lives. (How's all that for mushy?????)

Speaking of blessings, today we get the pleasure of spending the day with our good friends Skip and Rachel. We have been so blessed by their friendship and don't get to spend time with them nearly as much as we would like too!! Skip is currently going to the Tennessee Highway Patrol Academy and will be graduating soon so hopefully once that is over we will get to see them more. Today's agenda will included rock climbing which I'm sure I will take lots of pictures of!!

Tune back in for news on whether any of us fell off the wall!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mr. Mom

Well, tomorrow morning I leave to fly to St. Louis for a few days for work. Eric will be flying solo with the kids. I had a trip a few weeks ago as well and he and the kids did great while I was gone- he even had the house clean when I got home!! I'm sure they'll have a great time while I'm gone but I'm a little sad that I'll miss Eric's birthday on Thursday. Of course we can always celebrate on the weekend! Wish Eric luck this week... or should I say wish me luck, it's going to be a busy fews days.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bad Start...

Wow, what a bad start to my blogging experience! I get excited and start this blog then go and get sick and not post again in forever. Well, here I am to correct that. I'm finally starting to feel human again, let me tell you strep is not your friend- ICK!

So new things in our house... hmmm... Adalyn now has a vocabulary of a grand total of... drumroll please... 5 whole words!! She can now say "uh-ohhhh", "Daddy", "dog", "mama" and "nana" (banana)- she learned them in that order. For a girl that is all about her Mommy she sure did put me pretty far down that list. I mean, come on, I'm after dog! And we don't even have a dog! Oh well, I'm just glad she is learning. She also had an appointment with the ENT. Our pediatrician was worried that the ear infections she's had and the continual fluid on her ears is effecting her speech so he referred us. The ENT has us in a "wait and see" pattern right now. If she gets another ear infection (she has one now) in the next 2 months then she goes in for tubes. I really don't like the idea of her having surgery but if it helps her then she'll be there. Guess we'll just wait and see... Oh and her 15 months stats- 22.3 lbs and 31 inches- my girl is growing up!!

Ethan is... well he's Ethan. He is just funny and goofy but can be so compassionate it kills me. And that boy loves his little sister... almost too much! He would be in her face non-stop if someone didn't tell him to let her breathe. I'm glad though, I want them to be close and to love each other. As for Adalyn, Ethan is the funniest thing on earth to her!

Here are some pictures for you for now. I promise I'll get better at this posting thing once I get the hang of it!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Did It!

I actually did it! I started a blog. Now the pressure begins- AHHHHHHHH!! So why, do you ask, did I decide to start a blog? Well you see, we have many family and friends that live so far away from us and well, I'm terrible at keeping in contact with them. My hope is that this blog will help to accomplish that. I hope to use this blog to update those we love on the ups and downs and ins and outs of life with the Jokis. So, pull up a seat, kick up your feet and join us for the ride!!