Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Game Ball!

I'm so proud of Ethan tonight. He played so well in his t-ball game tonight that the coach awarded him the game ball.

He was really on his game tonight. His first time at bat he had a great hit and ended up with a run. Then he played 1st base and got 2 outs! Next time up at bat he got another run. Then he was at catcher position and got 2 more outs as the runners were coming into home. His last time up at bat he had a GREAT hit but he got out at first. One of the downfalls to being a lefty is that you tend to hit right between first and second and it's easy to get the ball to first.

All and all it was a great night of ball and Ethan did a fantastic job!! Papa and Cathy were even there to see him play.

Congrats Buddy- Mommy is so proud of you!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Adalyn

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm late with this post... only by a couple of weeks. What can I say, I've been busy with the business of living! Now on to my girl...

Adalyn, what can I say to you as you turn 2 years old! You are such a joy to us, even when you are throwing a temper tantrum... with full out stomping and screaming I might add!! You are talking so much now and I never tire of hearing you say "Mama". You are absolutely adorable when you say "Oh Man Mama"- I really need to get that on video.
You've been working so hard to learn to jump with both feet and have made great progress. You love to swim and think Papa is great... or is it just his pool *wink* You are working on learning to count and want to count everything, going down stairs, rocks at the ball field during Ethan's games. If there mulitples of something you want to count them.
You are so independant and want to do everything yourself. Climb into your car seat, walk down the stairs, eat your food... no obstacle is too big for you. At the same time you still want Mama near by, just in case.
You are still all about your Mama and I secretly love it even though it hurts Daddy's feelings sometimes that you want me over him. I know one day soon you will be a Daddy's girl so I am cherishing these moments while I have them.
You are such a girly girl. You love your purses and have one you carry with you all the time that has your friends Ribbit, Mouth and Quack Quack in it. You also love your pretties (hair things) and sit pretty still for me to "make you pretty". You also like to have your toes painted. Your big brother is your hero and you just love to wrestle with him on the floor. He is really good to you and loves you as much as you love him.

Baby girl, you are so precious to your Mommy and Daddy and we are blessed that God chose us to be your parents. Happy 2 years precious one, may each year only get better than the last.


One Year:

Two Year:

Picture by Karen Yaniglos of Karen's Photography