Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Surprise visit!!

This weekend we made a surprise trip up to Michigan to visit my family. It was a great time and fun to completely surprise everyone. Ethan and Adalyn just ate up all the time with Grandma and Adalyn just completely blossomed while we were there. Her little personality is really starting to shine and she is the funniest little thing! Case in point:

Adalyn had climbed on top of the picnic table and I told her she needed to get down because she was going to fall. Next thing I know she is giving me this big grin, puts her fingers to her cheeks, sticks out her tongue and starts going Na Na Na while waving her head side to side. It was the cutest thing ever and all I could do was laugh!!

She has also developed a love of animals... as long as said animal is not within 10 feet of her. It does not however keep her from chasing after them! She followed my brother's cat all around his field for the longest time. The cat just played with her- it would lay down till she got close then get up move a few feet away and lay down again only to move as she got closer. I did manage to get some beautiful pictures of her though while she played this game with the cat.


Both kids also did really well on the 8 hour drive to and from. I was a little nervous about the trip home as it would all be during the day and I was worried they'd get bored. They did really well and this was what they looked like about and hour into the trip...

Ethan soon followed Adalyn into dreamland and both slept for almost half the trip! I was impressed and quite relieved :)

Here are some more pictures from our fun weekend- enjoy!

Big Brother sharing his ice cream :)

Whipped Cream fight!!

Hot dog anyone??

Adalyn's newest reaction to asking her to smile for the camera?? Why, stick your finger up your nose of course!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday- it's back!!

YAY it's back! Not Me Monday! What exactly is Not Me Monday? Well it's where I share with you all the things I most certainly did not do this week. Hop on over to Mckmama's blog and check out what others are not doing as well!

  • I did not sleep until 9:30 on Saturday only to lay around in bed all morning AND take a nap. I did not then finally get out of bed at 3:30 that afternoon. Nope, that would most certainly be too lazy of me!
  • I did not have the chance to get lots of cuddles and wrestling time with my two adorable kids all morning on Saturday because I did not stay in bed so long. I also did not get to take that glorious nap snuggled up to my sweet little girl- nope, not me!
  • I did not decide to post a ton of new pictures on my blog to make up for not posting any new updates for nearly 3 weeks. Nope, that would be neglecting my blog which I most certainly would not do.
  • I was not overjoyed when I heard the news that MckMama would be heading home with Stellan to be reunited with her family as Stellan was discharged from the hospital. Nope, it would be silly of me to be so excited for something that happened to someone I don't know in real life at all.
  • I also did not spend way too much time this week reading blogs of other sick little babies that I do not know if real life at all and crying and praying that they would be healed. Nope, I have better things to do.

Ok, so there is what I did not do this week. What about you? Head on over to Mckmama's blog and see what others did not do this week!!