Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nana Na Na, Nana Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye!

Finally! We are paci free in our home!! Adalyn has been still using a paci at night only for quite awhile. Well, she has been going to bed now for over a week without a paci and she no longer even asks for it. I am so glad to see that thing go. And as with all of her other transistions, I dreaded it and dreaded it and she completely surprised me by making it easy. I've been talking to her about how big girls don't need paci's and that they were for babies and she should throw it away. Well one morning she did! She still had one paci left though and kept asking for it. I wanted to make this easy on her so I was going to give it to her that night but we couldn't find it! I searched everywhere. I put her to bed and told her I would keep looking. She went to bed with no tears!! I was so proud of her. The next morning she did ask for it but I told her I couldn't find it. That night there was some crying but she eventually went to sleep without much of a struggle. She asked for her paci for several nights and there were some tears but nothing terrible. Now she doesn't even ask for it anymore. I'm so proud of my Big Girl!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Class of 2010

Last week Ethan had his graduation from pre-k. He is so excited to start kindergarten but it was so sad to see this phase of his life come to an end. While he'll still be at the daycare until school starts in August, the thought that he will be leaving all of the good friends he has made over the past years is really sad. They are a close group and all are going to different schools.

We entered to a beautiful slideshow of the graduates through the years put together by Miss Brooke. Great job Brooke!!
Miss Linda, how can we ever thank you for providing a loving, caring and safe environment for our son since he was only a year and half old. I'm so glad we still have Adalyn with you so you aren't rid of us just yet!!

Miss Amanda, thank you so much for taking such good care of our boy and teaching him so much. He is so ready for Kindergarten and it is thanks to you and his other wonderful teachers at LLO!!

The ceremony was really cute.

First they got all the graduates into their caps and gowns.

The processional...

Then they were on stage and said the Pledge of Alliegance.

After that they sang a few songs.

Mommy was doing good until the kids ended with God is So Good and then all started hugging at the end, the tears started then!!

Then it was time to get their diplomas and a bible with their name on it.

The graduating Class of 2010 from Linda's Little Ones...

Our graduate!

We are so proud of you Ethan and we love you so much. We cannot wait to see what you will become one day.

Growing up...

Last weekend was a big weekend for Adalyn. My little girl is growing up so very fast. First, after urging from her Daddy believe it or not, we took Adalyn to do this...

She did so well. I always said I would only pierce her ears if she asked me to, and she has asked but I know she didn't know what she was asking for. Well the past couple of weeks Daddy had brought it up several times. We asked her if she wanted to have earrings and she kept telling us yes so off to Claire's we went. We got to the store and Adalyn was in awe. Why have I never thought to take our girlie girl into one of these places before. All the sparkle and color, she was in heaven!! First we had her pick out her earrings, she chose the pink flowers- no boring studs for our girl!! Our big girl climbed up into the chair all by herself and had a big grin on her face.

I decided to have her sit on my lap to make sure she didn't move. I didn't need to worry a bit. She sat perfectly still while they pierced both of her ears at the same time. After they were done Adalyn sat there for a second then realized what had happened and started crying. It wasn't an "I'm hurt" cry though. No, our girl was MAD! She wasn't happy that we poked her at all. Of course, all it took was Daddy walking her around the store and letting her pick out a necklace for all to be right with the world again. She really is doing well with her earrings. She doesn't play with them and lets me clean the every morning and night without a fight. She loves to look in the mirror and see her "pretty earrings"!!

Adalyn also had another big change this last weekend- she now has a big girl bed!! I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep her in bed once she has been put down for the night but so far we haven't had an issue. I did have a visitor one night over the week at 2 in the morning. I let her lay with us for a bit but then told her she had to go back to her bed and she did!! Without complaint.

When did my baby become such a big girl...