Friday, November 6, 2009

Drivers start your engines!

Who would have thought at 5 years old Ethan would be interested in racing. No, I don't mean watching a race- I mean actually racing! Eric has been wanting to get him into a quarter midget car since he turned 5 (the minimum age to race) and this week we were finally able to do it. Ethan did great and didn't run into a wall or onto the grass!! Not bad for his first time :) Now all he talks about is doing it again... I think we are in trouble!!

All suited up!

Getting instruction...

Ready to go!

Pushing off...

And away we go!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Treat or Treat...

We had such a good time on Halloween. We went to Kristy and Richie's house (Cathy's daughter and son in law) and we trick or treating in their neighborhood. Nick and Ashley, along with Preston and Teigan joined in on the fun as well. We started our evening by having pizza and snacks and then we hit the streets for some great trick 0r treating- the kids made out pretty well!! We ended the evening with hot cocoa to warm up and the straight home to bed. Here is some photographic evidence of our night, enjoy :)

Who could resist cute faces like this????

Aren't they adorable? :)

The first house! Adalyn did great, she wasn't bashful at all and said Trick or Treat and Thank you at each house.

The wagon was essential

Pooped out from all that walking!!

And Adalyn brought us home!