Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Wonderland

Every year we head to Bass Pro Shops to visit Santa Claus. They have the best setting for pictures, a log cabiny feel and the same Santa every year. Each year they have grown their Christmas operation and now it is a Christmas Wonderland!

Here the kids are dressed and ready to go. Notice Adalyn's wonderful smile?

Here are Ethan and Adalyn at the coloring station. It was great until Adalyn starting throwing crayons. The line for Santa was really, really long (free pictures!) so she was already starting to get bored.

Ethan playing with the remote control monster trucks. Poor little guy stood there for a long time waiting for a turn and people cutting in front of him before I told him to just ask for a turn. He needs to learn to be just a tad bit less shy!

Adalyn watching the train go by.

Me and Adalyn about half way to Santa. Can you tell the smile is disappearing? Naptime is quickly approaching at this point.

Even less of a smile...

Really not having it at this point but getting so close to Santa!!

Look we can see him!

We made it!! Adalyn was about to break out crying until Santa handed her a candy cane. Candy works with this girl every time! Ethan was sure to tell Santa his wish list, but forgot to mention he wanted a Nerf Gun. I assured him Santa would read the list he left in his stocking :)

After our visit with Santa we headed to lunch then the grocery store. Daddy bought the kids each a ring pop and then the guy at the bakery gave Adalyn a cookie and Ethan a doughnut- can we say sugar overload????

That cookie is as big as her head!!
Merry Christmas everyone :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

1 Close your eyes...

2 Think of a place...

3 Imagine you are there!

As part of Adalyn's Christmas present we took her to see her favorite character, Elmo, at Sesame Street Live Imagine 1 2 3. She loved it and couldn't tear her eyes from the stage. We had great seats on the floor not far away from the stage. She is still talking about how much fun she had at Elmo- "Elmo, Fun!" can be heard often. What a great experience for her, and for us!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Zoo outing with Papa and Cathy

About a month ago, the kids got to spend an afternoon with Papa and Cathy at the zoo... without us! They had a great time together and Daddy and I had a nice time going to a movie and having time alone to ourselves as well. Look how much fun they had!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Potty Training

We have been working on potty training with Adalyn. I was really beginning to think that she was ready when any time she was naked (getting ready for a bath or during diaper changes) and she had to go she would cry and say she had to go. She wouldn't just pee so I thought she might be ready. So, one Saturday I decided to let her run around without pants to see how she did, she did great! She told me every time she needed to go and there were no accidents. So I decided to take the next step...

How cute is she in those big girl panties???? So we went and bought some Elmo and Princess panties and tried to let her run around in those. I put her in them and sat her on my bed to explain that she was to let me know when she had to go so we could do on the potty. She then informs me that she peed... on my bed... great start! Let's just say the panties were not a huge success. We will take baby steps and keep trudging on. I think I'll try the nakey thing again to see how that goes.

All that potty training is tiring though and Adalyn and Daddy fell asleep on the couch together. How sweet is that? :)