Saturday, November 29, 2008

Change of plans...

So we didn't end up going rock climbing after all. Eric had been having some trouble with his shoulder since playing softball last season and it is just beginning to feel better so he didn't want to risk reinjuring it so we changed our plans. Instead we headed off to the mall to see a movie. The choice of the evening????

It was very funny and Ethan had a blast sitting with Rachel and Skip through the movie. Adalyn was fussy at first but then she fell asleep and was conked out for the rest of the movie. After the movie was over it was off to dinner at Wasabi, a new Japanese grill they put in Providence. The kids were enthralled with the food being cooked in front of us and I didn't think Ethan was ever going to stop eating he enjoyed it so much! I forgot my camera but Rachel was kind enough to get some pictures so I'll post those as soon as she gets them to me.

Today Ethan spent the day with his Papa while Eric and I got some much needed Christmas shopping done. We have the kids all done- whohooooo!!! Only a few more things to get and we are done. I'm really excited about Christmas this year, Ethan really "gets" so it should be a lot of fun on Christmas morning!!!

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