Friday, July 10, 2009

Wanna know what our gift was???

Meet the newest additions to our family...

This is Lilly-

And this is Kaija-

Eric's brother, Ryan, and his wife, Emily are out in LA while Ryan attends seminary. They have been living in an apartment in a pretty bad neighborhood (can we say bullets flying through the walls????). Well they had the opportunity to move to a new place in a much safer neighborhood but they couldn't take their cats with them, so, we adopted them. The kids are excited- that is when they get to see them. The cats are not used to little people so they can usually be found hiding under a bed while the kids are awake. They are slowly starting to warm up and they have even let Ethan pet them a bit. They are keeping a wide path away from Adalyn though- smart kitties!!!
Wish us luck as we adjust to this new change in our household. We have not had pets in a long time now!!


Laura B. said...

they look so much alike! How do you tell them apart?

Dana said...

Kaija has some pretty distinctive stripes down her back. I can't tell them apart unless I can see their backs!!