Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Game Ball!

I'm so proud of Ethan tonight. He played so well in his t-ball game tonight that the coach awarded him the game ball.

He was really on his game tonight. His first time at bat he had a great hit and ended up with a run. Then he played 1st base and got 2 outs! Next time up at bat he got another run. Then he was at catcher position and got 2 more outs as the runners were coming into home. His last time up at bat he had a GREAT hit but he got out at first. One of the downfalls to being a lefty is that you tend to hit right between first and second and it's easy to get the ball to first.

All and all it was a great night of ball and Ethan did a fantastic job!! Papa and Cathy were even there to see him play.

Congrats Buddy- Mommy is so proud of you!!

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