Friday, June 4, 2010

Class of 2010

Last week Ethan had his graduation from pre-k. He is so excited to start kindergarten but it was so sad to see this phase of his life come to an end. While he'll still be at the daycare until school starts in August, the thought that he will be leaving all of the good friends he has made over the past years is really sad. They are a close group and all are going to different schools.

We entered to a beautiful slideshow of the graduates through the years put together by Miss Brooke. Great job Brooke!!
Miss Linda, how can we ever thank you for providing a loving, caring and safe environment for our son since he was only a year and half old. I'm so glad we still have Adalyn with you so you aren't rid of us just yet!!

Miss Amanda, thank you so much for taking such good care of our boy and teaching him so much. He is so ready for Kindergarten and it is thanks to you and his other wonderful teachers at LLO!!

The ceremony was really cute.

First they got all the graduates into their caps and gowns.

The processional...

Then they were on stage and said the Pledge of Alliegance.

After that they sang a few songs.

Mommy was doing good until the kids ended with God is So Good and then all started hugging at the end, the tears started then!!

Then it was time to get their diplomas and a bible with their name on it.

The graduating Class of 2010 from Linda's Little Ones...

Our graduate!

We are so proud of you Ethan and we love you so much. We cannot wait to see what you will become one day.

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