Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Ok so I'm finally going to jump on the bandwagon and join in Mckmama's blog carnival and tell you all about the things I most certainly did not do this week. Hop on over to Mckmama's blog and check out what others are not doing as well!

  • I did not put Ethan to bed at his normal bedtime, even though he had earned the right to stay up half an hour late by doing all his chores, just so that I could have some peace and quiet to wrap presents... what kind of Mom would do that?

  • I did not order a Christmas present for Eric online only to stress that when it arrived at our house he would see it an open it before Christmas. I also did not yell at him on the phone when he did indeed see the package arrive to not open it!! A smart person would have just had it delivered to her work address... right?

  • I was not so busy this week that I realized on Friday that my daughter had not had a bath... all week long... ewwwwwwww!!! Of course, if I had done that I would have quickly rectified the situation...

  • I also did not get all choked up about selling our house when our neighbors, who are really more like family than friends, came over with Christmas gifts. It also did not make the situation even worse that the gift that was given to me was a beautiful church that was taken from their personal collection so that "every year we will think of them when we put it out". How can we possibly move away from such lovely people- are we completely crazy! We love you Bud and Debbie!
So what have you not done this week???????

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