Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mwwaa Wa Wa

Do you remember what all the adults sounded like on Charlie Brown? Well, apparently that's what Adalyn has been hearing, at least for the last 6 months or so. You see, she has had ear infection after ear infection for about that long and when they weren't infected they still had fluid on them. So yesterday we went in and she had tubes put in her little ears. She did great and was in a great mood afterwards. She did have yet another double ear infection when they went to put the tubes in so they drained all the fluid off and she is on antibiotic ear drops. Now we are hoping that she can hear better and hopefully she will start to talk soon!!

I do swear she said Thank You yesterday so that's a start :)


Laura B. said...

I am glad that she did well! She seems to have had the same problem as Rogan and he is already starting to pick up more words and to pronounce the words that he already had better! He hated those drops! I hope that Adalyn will like them better!

Dana said...

So far she hasn't liked the drops much at all!!!