Thursday, October 15, 2009

Adalyn's 2nd Birthday Party

I know this is a couple of months late but it deserves a post all it's own.

Adalyn's birthday party was at Papa and Cathy's house and we had a wonderful pool party. Adalyn and Ethan are such water babies- they just love to swim- so pool parties were an easy answer.

Adalyn is really into Elmo right now so an Elmo cake was surely the answer! And Elmo on the beach! What could be better for a pool party, right? If you haven't had a pull apart cake from Publix yet you don't know what you are missing. Not only do you not have to cut it like a cake as it is made of cupcakes but the frosting is the best ever!!

Adalyn was certainly happy with her cake! It was really yummy :)

Adalyn also got a lot of great presents. She had been fighting with Ethan most of the summer to ride his tractor but she just couldn't quite fit and reach the peddles. It was the funnies thing to watch her scoot all the way to the end of the seat and push on the peddle which would make her jerk forward a few inches. She would use her hands to hold on to the seat so she couldn't steer so it was good thing she wasn't really going anywhere! Well we decided she needed a ride-on toy all her own so she got her very own four wheeler in her size. It went over pretty well as you can see...

Her other favorite gift was her Elmo restaurant that Papa and Cathy got for her! Did I mention she loves Elmo??? She and Ethan have had a lot of fun playing with this toy.

She also got a couple of really cute outfits from Nick and Ashely and Christie and Richie (Cathy's kids) and an Elmo purse which is right up her alley- she loves all things girlie!!

I was a wonderful day and fun was had by all. Thank you everyone that was able to make it to the party and celebrate this wonderful day with us.

Happy Birthday baby girl- We Love You!!

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