Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nana Na Na, Nana Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye!

Finally! We are paci free in our home!! Adalyn has been still using a paci at night only for quite awhile. Well, she has been going to bed now for over a week without a paci and she no longer even asks for it. I am so glad to see that thing go. And as with all of her other transistions, I dreaded it and dreaded it and she completely surprised me by making it easy. I've been talking to her about how big girls don't need paci's and that they were for babies and she should throw it away. Well one morning she did! She still had one paci left though and kept asking for it. I wanted to make this easy on her so I was going to give it to her that night but we couldn't find it! I searched everywhere. I put her to bed and told her I would keep looking. She went to bed with no tears!! I was so proud of her. The next morning she did ask for it but I told her I couldn't find it. That night there was some crying but she eventually went to sleep without much of a struggle. She asked for her paci for several nights and there were some tears but nothing terrible. Now she doesn't even ask for it anymore. I'm so proud of my Big Girl!!!


Emily said...

Hi! I announced on Friday that you won the blogger makeover on my blog! Yay! But I can't find your email address and I haven't heard from you! Please let me know ASAP if you're still interested in the prize!

MBKimmy said...

Jumoed over from @McKmama I messed up my last @ in my comment - sorry about that it was supposed to be @Jeanna!

I too am trying to get the paci away from my son. He is 2.5 and has it at night and nap - wish us luck!

Dana said...

@MBKimmy- LOL I figured out what you meant in your comment :) Thanks for stopping in though to clarify, I appreciate it! As you can see, I havne't updated my blog in FOREVER. I'm hoping to get back to it soon though. Good luck with the paci, the first few days are the roughest but then it gets easier and easier.