Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday...

It's Monday again which means it's time for Mckmama's blog carnival where I tell you all about the things I most certainly did not do this week. Hop on over to Mckmama's blog and check out what others are not doing as well!

  • I did not have a very short work week due to the holiday on Monday and a staff retreat on Wednesday. I also did not get WAY behind in my work because of it- no way, I am always on top of things at work!!

  • I did not make a pan of brownies just in time to sit and watch The Biggest Loser on TV. That would just be ridiculous. I also did not do that exact same thing last week when The Biggest Loser was on either!!! The brownies also did not taste good at all- nope, they didn't!

  • I was not late to church yesterday because Adalyn did not throw up all over both of us as I was getting her into the car- nope that would not be what happened to us yesterday. I then did not go in the house and change both of our clothes and head off to church anyway!

  • I did not get to go to the circus with my kids on Saturday and see the delight on their faces at all the wonderful sights. I did not have more fun watching them than I did the circus. I will not be posting pictures from the circus later today because well we did not go there.

Thanks for reading about what I absolutely did not do this weekend. Now head on over to Mckmama's blog and check out what other people are not doing!!

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